Reimagine Education

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The Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement (CRE) was honored to be the only presenting group to win three awards from the recent Reimagine Education awards. The awards are a yearlong global competition designed to uncover transformative initiatives across the educational sector.

The winning project was done in collaboration with Omprakash, a non-profit which builds mutually beneficial and educational relationships between grassroots social impact organizations. It was a scalable model for deepening global engagement through online learning and immersive international internships.

The global Reimagine Education competition attracted 807 submissions from 56 countries. 527 entries were accepted and 140 shortlisted. The international panel of judges consisted of 40 experts who evaluated the projects based on three main criteria: innovation, impact, depth or scalability.

Over 500 ambitious entrepreneurs and academics from six different continents contributed to this year’s record submissions call.